Rust Oleum - Rust Dissolver Gel

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Quickly penetrates every void of metal surface to dissolve rust FAST! The powerful, proprietary formulation takes the hard work out of rust removal and transforms surfaces to like-new condition. 


Rust-Oleum® Rust Dissolver Gel clings to iron, steel and other metals to make rust removal convenient, fast and effective. 

  • - Removes rust fast
  • - Inhibitor protects bare metal up to 12 months
  • - Creates an ideal surface for painting
  • - Assortment includes bath brush application and spray gel
  • - Spray gel provides added convenience by clinging to the surface to keep the formula activated


Maintain wet solution on the surface to remove rust. Do not allow product to dry on painted surfaces. Apply in ambient temperature of 70°F or above. When used as a bath, use a plastic, glass or stainless steel container.


  • - 32 oz. Spray Gel

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Rust Oleum - Rust Dissolver Gel

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