Acid Cleaners (Food Grade)

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Certified Food Safety Chemicals 


Types of Food Grade Acid Cleaners as follows:

  1. Acidic cleaner for effective hard water, silica scale and inorganic soil removal.
    Features: Non-foaming.
    Suitable for: Manual and CIP cleaning.

  2. Liquid acid-based cleaner of food processing facilities.
    Features: Removes milk stone, lime scale, mineral deposits, rust and water scale.
    Suitable for: manual and foam cleaning.

  3. Lime and mineral deposits remover.
    Features: Non-foaming.
    Suitable for: Automatic dishwasher and CIP.

  4. Granular scale and lime remover.
    Suitable for: Ice machines, shake/soft serve machines and steam equipment.

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Acid Cleaners (Food Grade)

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